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Oudh Australia brings you the premium collection of Oudh perfume for men and women. Oudh perfume oils (Ittar or Attar) made with some Oudh and other essential oil content. Oudh is the most expensive perfume / fragrance wood known to mankind.

Its fragrance is treasured by royalty, global celebrities and connoisseurs of great fragrance and scents. We’ve handcrafted the magical fusion of Oudh perfume with some of mother nature’s best organic fragrances, such as saffron, sandalwood and jasmium sambac oil to bring you a limited release of 5 fragrances.

At Oudh Australia, our five custom-made fragrances are created to capture the exotic aroma of Oudh fragrance. These 5 unique Oudh fragrances are gender-neutral and hence, everybody can wear a new fragrance every day.

Oudh Australia is the first and only Oudh brand in Australia offering 100% alcohol and chemical free organic Oudh perfume online. The best things about Oudh attar is that it will not cause any allergy to your skin. Oudh Australia leverage natural compounds that are skin friendliness and long lasting.

A Collection of 5 Fragrances Just for $99

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A marvelous collection of 5 fragrances

100% Organic
100% organic Oudh perfume prepared using premium organic quality ingredients.
Long Lasting
Long lasting Oudh perfume fragrances keeping you fresh and sweet-scented all day long
Limited Edition
Discover the Limited Edition Oudh Perfume evoking all of its warmth and energy.
5 Fragrances
5 unique unisex Oudh fragrances giving you a new fragrance every day.

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