Oud (Oudh) Oil Perfume: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Love for natural fragrance is inherent in humankind.   After all, it’s part of human culture and in some cases, even spiritual significance.   That’s why, perfume is automatically takes us back to the glorious civilizations around the world.   And when it comes to ancient fragrances, Oud or Oudh sits at the top of this list.   Oudh, Oud, Oudh Oil, Essential Oils or agarwood is one of the .

5 Reasons to Swap Your Perfume to Natural & Organic Today!

Plus a 5-in-1 all natural Christmas gift box idea which you’ll actually want to keep for yourself… Let’s face it, you’ve come a long way since your first experience with perfumes. From stealing you mum’s favourite French cologne and hoping she’ll not smell it on you (good luck with that after you used circa half a bottle!), to buying cheap supermarket fragrances from your allowance and to basically throwing .

Full Disclosure: What’s Really in Oudh Australia’s Organic, All Natural Perfumes?

Forget the eyes. We’re letting you in on a little secret: the true window to your soul is actually… your signature fragrance.   American comedian Mindy Kaling absolutely nailed it when she said that, if she ever were to create an app, she would make a “Shazaam for perfumes”.   Truer words were never spoken, Mindy – aren’t we all on a quest to define our own signature scent? .
Oudh Masti Perfume

Experience The True Masti with ‘OUDH MASTI PERFUME’

Whatever your taste in perfumes is; we bet that you can’t resist ‘Oudh Masti Perfume.’ Oudh Masti perfume brings you the magnificent floral aromas of Blue Lotus, Marigold and Royal Poinciana infused with a mild note of Oudh and Sandalwood oils. You can bask in the exotic aroma of this marvelous fragrance of ‘Oudh Masti.’ Without surprise, ‘Oudh Masti’ perfume is a symbol of good times and cherishing precious .
Oudh Perfume

What is Oudh Perfume?

I get to hear this a lot, especially in Australia.   Without doubt, many of the readers of this blog too might have heard this first time.   In simple words, most of people (excluding the passionate and well-informed organic perfume lovers) aren’t aware of the ‘Oudh’ perfume. Let me enlighten you about Oudh perfume.   Oudh is valued in many ancient cultures for its distinguishing fragrance.   Oudh .
oudh perfume blog

Oudh Australia Launches ‘Oudh Perfume Blog’ for Organic Perfume Lovers

We strongly believe that everyone deserves to smell great – and that too with toxin-free & alcohol-free organic perfume. Oudh Perfume blog does the same.   With this thought underlying and our resolve to educate and enlighten perfume lovers in Australia, Oudh Australia is delighted to announce the launch of Oudh Perfume Blog – an informative, conversational content destination for people with a passion for 100% organic and cruelty-free .