Essential Oils


Essential Oils perfume, an ancient hidden treasure of fragrance, has been treasured for centuries as liquid gold. It is harvested from the Agar tree, originating in the Assam region of India, over time it has spread throughout South East Asia.

With a unique fragrance, arabian oudh Essential Oils perfumers highly value this essential oil’s sweet, woody and complex aroma, which lasts three to five times longer than standard perfumes.

As a non-irritant that is alcohol and chemical free, Essential Oils Oudh perfume is 100% organic and it can be applied directly to the skin, or as a base note for perfume compositions.

More than just its exotic aroma, arabian Oudh oil perfume has numerous beneficial properties including calming the body, enhancing awareness, reducing stress and fear responses and promoting harmony, clarity and mental functionality.

Oudh Australia offers five unique essential Oils oudh fragrances: Oudh Agarwood, Oudh Masti, Oudh Saffron, Oudh Sampa and Oudh Musk.

The complex essential oils – arabian Oudh oil Perfume is considered so precious that its value is estimated at one and half times greater than gold.

Hence, arabian Oudh perfume is often called “Liquid Gold” too.

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Oudh Musk Perfume

Essential Oils – Oudh Musk

Oudh Musk’s enchanting woody Oudh oil perfume is filled with organic musky aromas of sandalwood oil, agarwood oil, rose, organic musk, and a delicate note of roasted earth soil.

The magnificent aromas of essential oils Oudh Musk provide a calming and pleasant effect to the mind and may help in reducing stress and anxiety. Go for Oudh Musk essential oils.

Essential Oils – Oudh Saffron

Oudh saffron’s indulgent reminiscent of saffron, essence of vetiver and honeysuckle with an Oudh oil base creates this mind-boggling Oudh saffron fragrance.

Wear this startling aroma of Oudh saffron with pride to leave a serene effect on yourself and those around you. Go for Oudh Saffron.

Oudh Saffron Perfume
Oudh Sampa Perfume

Essential Oils – Oudh Sampa

Oudh sampa may be a reason why “Jasminum Sambac” is the national flower of two countries Philippines and Indonesia.

Symbolizing purity and sacredness “Oudh Sampa” is the magical blend of “Jasminum Sambac” and “Sandalwood oil”. Oudh sampa’s tranquilizing fragrance is sure to turn the heads around where ever you wear it. Go for oudh oil Oudh Sampa.

Essential Oils – Oudh Agarwood

Oudh agarwood’s magnetic woody fusion of agarwood and sandalwood oil is sure to add a charm to your personality and hypnotize your sense of smell.

Essential oils Oudh agarwood’s serene fragrance will help you feel good about yourself. The calming and soothing effects of Oudh agarwood may also help in reducing stress and anxiety. Go for Oudh Agarwood essential oils here.

Oudh Agarwood Perfume
Oudh Masti Perfume

Essential Oils – Oudh Masti

The magnificent floral aromas of Blue Lotus, Marigold and Royal Poinciana infused with a mild note of Oudh oil and Sandalwood oils craft this marvelous fragrance of “Oudh Masti”.

Oudh Masti is a symbol of good times and precious moments in life. Indulge yourself in Oudh Masti’s exotic fragrance with joy. Go for Oudh Masti essential oils.

100% Organic Perfume. Alcohol Free Perfume. Best Essential Oils

Free from alcohol and synthetic chemicals, this serene essential oils arabian oudh perfume’s aroma is 100% organic.

Extracted through the organic hydro distillation process to retain high quality and natural aromas of this oudh oil. “Oudh Masti” lasts 3-5 times longer than other alcohol based perfumes.

Buy organic perfume for men & women

Buy Unisex Oudh Oil Perfume Online – Best Essential Oils In Australia

Both men and women can wear 100% organic Oudh oil perfume directly on the skin. The thick natural oudh oil will evaporate very gently with your body heat and will keep the aromas alive throughout the day or night.

From feminine florals to crisp citruses and heady woods – whatever your perfume preference – oudh oil perfume out there for everyone.

People usually apply a little on their wrist, on the neck, behind the ears and or other body parts. 😉

Some smart, creative guys even rub a small amount of oudh oil perfume on their palms and apply it to the beard to add a sensational smell to their smile. While others do a secret handshake leaving other person mesmerized by their smell even after they leave. Buy arabian fragrance here.

Why Choose Essential Oils Perfume

• 100% Organic Perfume
• Alcohol and Chemical Free
• Lasts 3-5 times longer than standard perfume
• Unisex Perfume
• Fit for all occasions
• Spreads smoothly in shorter period

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