Whatever your taste in perfumes is; we bet that you can’t resist ‘Oudh Masti Perfume.’

Oudh Masti perfume brings you the magnificent floral aromas of Blue Lotus, Marigold and Royal Poinciana infused with a mild note of Oudh and Sandalwood oils.

You can bask in the exotic aroma of this marvelous fragrance of ‘Oudh Masti.’

Without surprise, ‘Oudh Masti’ perfume is a symbol of good times and cherishing precious moments in life.

It’s high time now that you too indulge yourself in this exotic fragrance with joy.


Origin of ‘Oudh Masti’ Perfume

The word ‘Masti’ itself comes all the way from Mystic lands of India which means “Fun” or “Having a good time.”


‘Oudh Masti’ perfume is a symbol of having good times and enjoying precious moments in life.


Like behind most great products there is a tale to tell on how they got their names such as


How Did Apple Computer Get Its Brand Name


In the same way, we (Oudh Australia) too have got our own tale to tell.



Crafting this mystical fragrance was one challenge and naming this exotic fragrance was another bigger challenge.


And as expected, we spent several sleepless nights to find a suitable name that justifies the stature and amazing feeling of Oudh Masti perfume.


We made a long list of possible names, but none of them suited the innate spirit with which we had crafted “Oudh Masti.”


As they say, at times, inspiration comes from within too.


Since we had so much fun crafting the aroma of ‘Oudh Masti’ perfume and how it was joyful experience for the Oudh Australia team, we named it aptly ‘Oudh Masti’ – ‘Masti’ stand for ‘Fun’.


To be frank, our ‘Masti’ or ‘fun’ is very much ON thanks to our customers for making ‘Oudh Masti’ perfume one of our bestsellers.


It was tough journey (‘Oudh Masti’ perfume being one of the bestseller) for sure, however, it was completely worth it.


Those times reminded us of “Sylvester Stallone” story and we could relate to it as if it was our own life experiences.





If you are interested. Hear the full authentic story from “Tony Robbins”


Rocky had “Butkus” and we had “Masti” and that’s how he was like when the name struck.

Why Go for Oudh Masti Perfume?

Here at Oudh Australia, we strongly believe that creating ‘bestsellers perfume’ is a big responsibility.

They don’t get created overnight and to get a winner at hand, we have to consider the minutest details to get the right fragrance to delight our dear customers.

No doubt, our efforts brought the right results with a perfect combination of exotic aroma, sense of luxury and mysteriousness.

Like a loyal furry friend always loves to stick by your side, the loving fragrance of “Oudh Masti” Will never leave you and will always make you feel better.


We have poured all our heart to create “Oudh Masti.”


With a base note of Oudh the magnificent floral aromas of Blue Lotus, Marigold, and Royal Poinciana have been infused with Sandalwood oils to craft this marvellous fragrance of “Oudh Masti.”


You can apply a little on your wrist, on the neck, behind the ears and or other body parts and stay fresh throughout the whole day.


Moreover, ‘Oudh Masti’ perfume is perfect for both men and women. They can wear just one drop of Oudh Masti perfume directly on the skin and let its magic work on your body and mind.


The thick natural essential oil will evaporate very gently with your body heat and will keep the aromas alive throughout the day or night.


Key USPs of Oudh Masti Perfume:

Don’t have enough time to read in detail?

No worries.

To summarize the key USPs of Oudh Masti perfume, we have listed them below. Have a look:

  • 100% Organic Perfume
  • Alcohol and Chemical Free
  • Lasts 3-5 times longer than standard perfume
  • Unisex Perfume
  • Fit for all occasions
  • Spreads smoothly in shorter period


What Makes Us So Sure About Oudh Masti Perfume?

We are so confident that if you buy and you don’t like it, you an post it back to us and we will issue you a full refund.


Yes, full refund.


No questions asked.


Order Online now and try combining it with “Oudh Agarwood” to create a twin pack or Indulge in full essence of aromas with our original collection.


Final Thoughts

Oudh Masti perfume’s woody, aromatic and exotic fragrance has made it the most popular perfume among classes and masses.

Oudh Masti Perfume

In the recent years, both boutique and larger companies have launched fragrances with Oudh essential oil.


Oudh Australia is the first and only Oudh brand in Australia offering 100% alcohol and chemical free organic Oudh perfume.


Oudh Australia has handcrafted the magical fusion of Oudh perfume with some of mother nature’s best organic fragrances, such as Saffron, Sandalwood and Jasmium Sambac oil to bring you a limited release of 5 fragrances.


So, you see how Oudh perfume is so unique and distinguish compared to typical perfumes available in the market.

It’s obvious that Oudh, with its rich history and organic derivation, is way better alternative to feel and smell great.

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