Forget the eyes. We’re letting you in on a little secret: the true window to your soul is actually… your signature fragrance.


American comedian Mindy Kaling absolutely nailed it when she said that, if she ever were to create an app, she would make a “Shazaam for perfumes”.


Truer words were never spoken, Mindy – aren’t we all on a quest to define our own signature scent?


If the perfume industry generously set an Open Day for the public when you could find out exactly what’s in the perfumes that they’re selling (like that’s ever going to happen…), you’d probably be amazed to find an array of synthetic fragrances and compounds not normally found in nature, plus a few blending agents and fixatives added to maintain the scent over longer periods of time – for the lower cost of development.


That ingredient list would more or less resemble the Periodic Table of Elements and would bring you memories of those dragging Chemistry Classes – not a great help if you’re on a mission to find that perfect, The One, Yours-Only fragrance.


However, we at Oudh Australia are much more relaxed than that: we decided to share our traditional fragrance recipes and to offer you an exclusive sneak peek into our secret blends of exotic, high-quality ingredients.


We know our strength lies in the organic, natural elements mixed in our perfumes, so read below, enter the magical, alluring world of Oudh fragrances and find out what’s the Oudh fragrance that’s the perfect fit for you.


Bonus point: find out why everybody loves Oudh and why they’re so good for your wellness and health!


Oudh Attar Essential Oil: the precious core of our Oudh fragrances.


Our story starts from one single precious and very hard to get essential oil: Oudh Attar. You could call it our Holy Grail – or our Mother Ship, if you’re the geeky type. Incredibly rare and difficult to yield, Oudh Essential Oil is harvested from the heartwood of certain Agar Trees, originally only in the Assam region of India.


When infected with a particular fungus, a very small percent of Agar Trees will produce a dark, aromatic, tar-like resin as part of their natural defense mechanism against this infection.


This rare, precious resin will fill the heart of the wood with an unique, powerful and exotic fragrance – a fragrance which has been transformed by perfumers, for centuries, in the Oudh essential oil.


This phenomenon is rarely occurring – it is said that for every ten trees in the wild, only one will have its heartwood producing this precious resin, so talk about slim chances to get your hands on that oil!


It’s no wonder that the Oudh Essential Oil is valued at one and a half times greater than gold and it is the most expensive fragrance wood known to mankind – you see now why it has been called, for centuries, “liquid gold”.


With its bitter-sweet, warm, woody and creamy notes and its earthy, leather character, Oudh Essential Oil calms the body, removes negative energies, reduces fear and invokes a feeling of vigor and harmony.


Moreover, Oudh Essential Oil is highly effective for meditation, relaxation and it’s a known tonic and aphrodisiac.


After 2 years of research and experimentation, we have manually blended the exotic Oudh Essential Oil with some of Mother Nature’s best organic fragrances, to bring you an exclusive, limited release of 5 perfumes – each of them with a unique blend and an array of positive effects for your mind and body.

1. Oudh Musk: Romantic, Mysterious, Oriental.


What’s in the perfume?

Oudh Musk is an exotic fragrance that will enchant your senses and take you on a journey to charming, spiritual India. Blended with White Oudh Attar you will find Sandalwood Oil, Rose Oil, Mauma, Earth Soil, White Musk and 100% Organic Musk, for a delicate mix that will remind you of “One Thousand and One Nights” – it’s hard to think of a more seductive, more sensual, flirty and daring scent!


It’s a fit for you if… you’re the romantic, mysterious type looking for a magnetic perfume that will discreetly seduce.


Never underestimate the power of a sexy fragrance and the charm it can unwittingly wield on others! You have been warned. Actually… they have been warned!


Health and wellness properties. Oudh Musk is one of our fragrances that targets the relaxation and wellness of the mind.


Just a few drops on your wrists, neck and behind your ears and you will immediately notice a calming, pleasant effect, mostly due to the organic Sandalwood Oil, an essential oil widely known for its aroma and amazing medicinal properties.


The Sandalwood Oil blends like a charm with Rose Oil, a natural antidepressant and aphrodisiac, while the Organic Musk makes the entire combination long lasting, as usually musk slowly releases its smell as it receives more body heat.


Oudh Extra Tip: Apply it in your hair for a mysterious touch or in your hand cream for an all-day mood boost.


2. Oudh Saffron: Luxurious, Spiritual, Powerful.


What’s in the perfume?

Enter the world of ancient Oriental luxury with Oudh Saffron, a startling, dark and strong fragrance that will leave a serene effect on you and those around you.


The ingredient list is botanical and aromatic, an array of Indian herbs and flowers that will give you the fresh, mysterious scent of an oriental blossomed garden – Vegetable Oil and Hina, Shamama, Musk, Agarwood, Harshingar, Honeysuckle, Juhi, Kesar and Khus.


It’s a fit for you if… you’re looking for rich, deep fragrances that are warm and sensual at the same time.


There’s a certain depth to this scent that’s quite popular with the more adventurous type – so apply it and everyone will be wondering what your exotic secret is!


Health and wellness properties. We cannot say Oudh Saffron without mentioning the Agarwood, a rare and precious essential oil that was widely used in ancient times for maintaining balance, relieving allergy and treating insomnia.


Shamama Essential Oil provides instant relief to the mind and works against anxiety and depression. While the Honeysuckle is a crowd favorite, as it eliminates headaches and boosts the mood!


Oudh Extra Tip: Put 1-2 drops on your scarf and breathe deeply if you are feeling anxious and stressed.


3. Oudh Sampa – Calm, Serene, Delicate.


What’s in the perfume?

The ingredient list is simple and pure for this one, with Jasminum Sambac Oil blending discreetly with Sandalwood and Vegetable oil, Royal Poinciana and Night Jasmine.


A delicate mix of suave fragrances, this mix had us at “hello”!


It’s a fit for you if… you’re the romantic, calm type looking for a light and sweet scent, delicate enough to balance you, but alluring enough to turn heads around. Oudh Sampa will get you well and truly hooked!


Health and wellness properties. Did you know it takes about 8,000 hand-picked Jasmine blossoms to extract 1ml of its essential oil?


This makes Jasminum Sambac Oil among the most expensive oils on earth – no wonder it has been known for centuries as the ‘King of flowers’, ‘Queen of the Night’ and ‘Moonlight of the Grove’.


Moreover, it has aphrodisiac, euphoric and sensual properties, making Oudh Sampa a real pick-me-up for both men and women.


Oudh Extra Tip: For men: apply a few drops on your beard for a sensual, warm smile.

For women: refresh with a few drops before an evening out or a party, for a tranquilizing effect that will make heads turn around everywhere you go.


4. Oudh Masti: Fun, Outgoing, Charming.


What’s in the perfume?

Time to get the party started! The word “Masti” means “fun”, or “having a good time” in Hindi – and this is the exact feeling you will get when wearing our Oudh Masti fragrance. Sandalwood Oil, Vegetable Oil, Blue Lotus, Genda (Marigold), Gul Mohar (Royal Poinciana) and Bakhoor Woodchips Oil is the perfect recipe for a simple, effortless perfume that concentrates an entire Indian floral garden in just one drop.


It’s a fit for you if… you are the life and soul of each party. If you’re fun, cheery, positive and outgoing, always looking for the next night out into town. Feeling a little naughty? Well then this is for you – try it at everybody else’s own risk!


Health and wellness properties. To put it simply, Oudh Masti makes you feel good about yourself. Blue Lotus is mood-elevating, enchanting and seductive, well-known as a stress-reliever.


Combined with Sandalwood and Genda, it’s no wonder Oudh Masti is a symbol for joyous times and communities brought together. Not to mention the Bakhoor Woodchips Oil – which has been used for centuries on special occasions like weddings and celebrations, to boost positive energy.


Oudh Extra Tip: Definitely use it before a party or special occasion. Put it in your hair if you plan on dancing the whole night and indulge yourself in having a wonderful time.


5. Oudh Agarwood. Strong, Real, Authentic.


What’s in the perfume? Oudh Agarwood is fragrance that combines Agarwood Oil, Sandalwood Oil and Vegetable Oil with incense aromas, Tagetes and Shamama Oil.


Its woody fusion will add an enigmatic charm to your personality and its blend between sweet and strong makes it perfect for men and women altogether.


It’s a fit for you if… you’re the strong and down-to-earth type, looking for an air of sophistication.

Oudh Agarwood – let’s call it the Gerard Butler of our perfumes – is largely favoured by men, while women prefer its woody notes for evenings.


Health and wellness properties. Calm, relaxing, feeling at peace. This is what you will feel due to the balance between the rare and precious essential Agarwood Oil and the calming Shamama Oil.


Moreover, Tagetes – a variety of Marigold – brings out the fresh, sweet, floral, slightly fruity notes and is a natural relaxant. All in all, the natural oils in Oudh Agarwood enhance awareness, reduce stress and fear responses and promote harmony and clarity.


Oudh Extra Tip: Add a bit of Oudh Agarwood in your body lotion and use if after your evening bath for an oriental aromatherapy spa-session right in the comfort of your home.



The gift that keeps on giving


Now that you know exactly what’s inside each bottle of Oudh Australia, you can choose the perfume that will be the perfect fit for your personality.


Or you can test them all with the Oudh Australia Original Collection – the exquisite, luxurious box containing all the 5 exotic Oudh fragrances.


Make yourself an early Christmas Gift and invest in finding your signature scent this year – you’ll simply give yourself a precious gift… that will keep on giving.