Love for natural fragrance is inherent in humankind.


After all, it’s part of human culture and in some cases, even spiritual significance.


That’s why, perfume is automatically takes us back to the glorious civilizations around the world.


And when it comes to ancient fragrances, Oud or Oudh sits at the top of this list.


Oudh, Oud, Oudh Oil, Essential Oils or agarwood is one of the most popular organic fragrances in the market today.


Oudh Oil Perfume for instance is used as a scent since earliest times which was from India.


Believe it or not, Oudh perfume is a paradox.


The exotic aroma created by this mysterious Oudh oil perfume actually develops as a result of a disease. Oudh is a part of wood which has a lovable smell, when burnt the smolder emitted by it is lovely.


Oudh is said to be the most expensive wood in the world; oud oil’s value is estimated to be 1.5 times the value of gold, and it is sometimes referred to as ‘liquid gold’.


Oudh is used during different functions. Oudh oil could also be takeout & bottled. Though, this Oudh oil perfume belongs to centuries-old history in the eastern world, it’s a relative newcomer to western world.


Oudh Oil Perfume: From Past To Present

The increasing demand for oudh perfume which was used both in religious ceremonies and for personal care, blossomed into a trading industry that commercially connected the East to the West.


And to be frank, Arab perfumers still make the finest natural oil perfume. The Arabs are known to tune up the scented oils to make fragrant oil perfumes.


Arabs are famous for their trading actions. They travel from one part of the dessert to one more on camels for trading with public from different societies.


During these activities, they are capable to collect an extensive variety of spices which are used in the manufacture of Arabic perfumes.


On the other hand, the Egyptians believed the sweat of the sun god, Ra was infused in their fragrances, which were usually frankincense, opopanax, and myrrh.


However, the Greeks believed the gods from Mt. Olympus were attracted to sweet fragrances and medical thinkers connected its use to health and vitality via aromatherapy.


It’s widely believed that Romans used some 2,800 tons of frankincense annually, and perfume was everywhere from the public baths to beauty products to even the soles of Roman feet.

Persia dominated the perfume trade for hundreds of years and in the detailed portraits of Persian rulers, many are depicted surrounded by exquisite perfume bottles.

The Chinese prized fragrances but they did not wear scent. They burned it in the form of incense and other fragrant materials in special, sacred rituals.

So, you see how ancient fragrances have played a crucial role in our past generations even centuries back.


Feel the Exotic Aroma of Oud Essential Oil

The composition of oud oil perfume has an intrinsic effect that fell straight into the world of romance and pure exotica warmth.


In simple words, it’s softer and lighter, but with its own vivid character. Since oud is rare and expensive (also known as ‘liquid gold’ – instantly recognizable to oud lovers), it’s recommended to inquire how the brand is sourcing its ingredients.


According to perfume experts, the smell of your body and surrounding / house can change your mood.


If you smell lively, you will feel more energetic & positive.


And to feel that way, you don’t need to be a specialist in essential oil perfume.


So, don’t be late to the Oud party.

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  2. Oudh Sampa
  3. Oudh Agarwood
  4. Oudh Saffron
  5. Oudh Musk


Here are top 5 reasons to actually stop buying traditional perfumes and invest in natural, organic, plant-based fragrances.


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