Plus a 5-in-1 all natural Christmas gift box idea which you’ll actually want to keep for yourself…

Let’s face it, you’ve come a long way since your first experience with perfumes.

From stealing you mum’s favourite French cologne and hoping she’ll not smell it on you (good luck with that after you used circa half a bottle!), to buying cheap supermarket fragrances from your allowance and to basically throwing your paychecks at Sephora in search for that perfect essence – the hunt for your signature scent is a personal and original journey.

We get it: once you find it, it’s hard to let go.

But while traditional, alcohol-based perfumes smell good and give you a great pick-me-up, they’re far from being good for you.

Here are top 5 reasons to actually stop buying traditional perfumes and invest in natural, organic, plant-based fragrances – because, yes, it truly IS an investment.


  1. What goes on, also goes in! Say NO to chemicals and toxins!

 Your traditional perfume smells gorgeous, but do you know exactly what’s in it?

Every day, the average woman applies up to 200 chemicals on her skin through cosmetics, perfume, skin care and face care, exposing herself to a vast array of toxins and chemical compounds.

The human skin is our largest organ, and around 60% of chemicals applied to our skin are absorbed into our bloodstream and eventually end up in the liver – lo and behold, the complete effects of parabens, triclosan, phthalates and other ingredients with unpronounceable names have yet to be studied exhaustively.

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Well that’s just not good enough – why should your skin take on a questionable ingredient you can’t even pronounce?

That’s why we, at Oudh Australia, pride ourselves with a 100% alcohol-free, chemical-free, non-irritant organic product, prepared carefully with skin-friendly natural compounds.

In the fast-paced, high-industrialized consumerist world we live today, we decided to take it slow and handcraft indulgent natural fragrances, blending the exotic Oudh Attar/Ittar with some of Mother Nature’s best organic scents.

In our tiny, precious bottles of Oudh perfume, you will find saffron, sandalwood, jasmine sambac oil, agarwood and indian floral fragrances such as Blue Lotus, Marigold and Royal Poinciana – so you can bask in a luxurious aroma and forget about chemicals, toxins and high-risk ingredients. Oudh fragrances smell clean, pure and like a breath of fresh air – just like Nature intended.


  1. Finally, a scent that lasts through the day… and more!

Let’s face it, you’re always carrying that perfume bottle in your purse, because every now and then you need a little refreshing.

Maybe one splash before an important meeting at the office to give you a confidence boost or a dash behind the ears before your evening drinks.

Traditional perfumes tend to wear off pretty fast, and buying new ones all the time can be a pain in your wallet.

This is where natural fragrances are unquestionably better.

Organic perfumes are proven to last longer due to the absence of alcohol and the presence of high-concentrated all-natural essential oils.

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The better the ingredients and the higher-quality the source, the longer they will last.

For instance, Oudh is known to be the most expensive fragrance wood known to mankind, a complex essential oil considered so precious that its value is estimated at one and a half times greater than gold.

From Ancient Times until today, perfumers highly value this oil’s sweet, woody and complex aroma, which lasts three to five times longer than standard perfumes – this is why a few drops from this concentrated organic essence are all you need to keep fresh and exotic-scented all day long.

So there’s really no need to carry it around in your purse.

  1. Natural ingredients make the best unisex perfumes!

Despite the fact that large perfume corporations cleverly divided their production between men fragrances and female fragrances, the truth is that natural perfumes are much more flexible – you see, Mother Nature creates neutral yet gorgeous scents for everybody.

This is why natural, organic perfumes tend to be unisex and can be worn by (and gifted to!) men and women as well.

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The 5 unique fragrances that Oudh Australia brings you are gender-neutral, therefore everyone can wear them, weather it is the feel-good exotic aroma of Oudh Masti, the powerful floral note of Oudh Sampa or the serene Oudh Saffron.

Also, we’ll let you in on a secret – we heard that some guys even rub a small amount of Oudh Musk on their palms and apply it to the beard to add a sensational smell to their smile, while both men and women admitted that Oudh Agarwood helps them in reducing stress and anxiety.


  1. You’re better to be around!

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at!

We know that scent sells, but according to the American Academy of Dermatology, fragrances are considered the leading cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis.

This sensitivity alone affects more than 2 million people, and studies suggest that the numbers are on the rise.

Fragrance allergies are also growing around the world, with symptoms ranging from headaches, hives, sneezing, stomach aches and watery eyes.

So ditch that halo effect of the traditional perfumes and stick to the all-natural ones – they are intimate, very personal and non-allergenic.

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More than that, Oudh oil for example has numerous beneficial properties, including calming the body, enhancing awareness, reducing stress and fear responses and promoting harmony, clarity and mental functionality.

Our recommendation is the Oudh Masti Perfume – our best selling fragrance from the Oudh range, which succeeds in being both intimate and extremely exotic at the same time, due to the magnificent floral aromas of Blue Lotus, Marigold and Royal Poinciana infused with a mild note of Oudh and Sandalwood oils.


  1. Say hello to a new, unique you with organic perfume!

Sure, you’re in love with that new perfume brand Instagrammers are boosting lately, but guess what, so is everybody else.

Mainstream perfumes are, well, mainstream – so don’t be surprised if you smell the same fragrance all around you.

Natural perfumes have the ability of bringing out your natural scent and working with it, rather than masking it completely.

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An organic perfume will always smell different on every person who wears it, making your experience and your presence unique.

Moreover, Oudh Australia is proud to release its organic perfume collection in a limited edition only – we only provide 500 packs available on the first release and 5 unique exotic Oudh fragrances. So you can feel as great as you smell and as unique as one can be!


Need another reason to ditch the mainstream and go natural?

You can make the best Christmas gift this year and present a loved one with the Oudh Australia Original Collection – the exquisite, luxurious box containing all the 5 exotic Oudh fragrances.

Weather it’s a man or a woman, the unique handcrafted organic perfume set – with its tradition and history – will be the perfect gift this holiday season.

Or you can keep the Original organic perfume Collection for yourself (lucky you!) and buy the Twin Pack for your friends and family, mixing and matching the perfect fragrances to their personalities.

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You just can’t go wrong with an organic gift – as natural will never go out of style.