What is Oudh

What is Oudh Attar

Oudh essential oil, an ancient hidden treasure of fragrance, has been treasured for centuries as liquid gold. It is harvested from the Agar tree, originating in the Assam region of India, over time it has spread throughout South East Asia.

With a unique fragrance, perfumers highly value this oil’s sweet, woody and complex aroma, which lasts three to five times longer than standard perfumes. As a non-irritant that is alcohol and chemical free, this is 100 percent organic and natural.

Oudh Fragrance

More than just its beautiful fragrance, Oudh has numerous beneficial properties including calming the body, enhancing awareness, reducing stress and fear responses and promoting harmony, clarity and mental functionality.

The complex oil is considered so precious that its value is estimated at one and half times greater than gold. Oudh Fragrance is often called “Liquid Gold”.

Oudh fragrance is the most expensive fragrance wood known to mankind. Its fragrance is treasured by royalty, global celebrities, and connoisseurs of great fragrance and scents.

We’ve handcrafted the magical fusion of Oudh with some of mother nature’s best organic fragrances, such as saffron, sandalwood and jasmiumsambac oil to bring you a limited release of 5 perfumes. At Oudh Australia, our custom-made 5 Oudh fragrances are created to capture the exotic aroma of Oudh fragrance. These 5 unique Oudh fragrances are gender-neutral and hence, everybody can wear a new fragrance every day.

Why Oudh Australia

100% Organic
Enjoy 100% alcohol and chemical free organic Oudh attar made with skin friendly natural compounds.
Lasts Longer
Oudh attar fragrance lasts 3 to 5 times longer keeping you always fresh and sweet-scented all day long.
5 Unique Fragrances
Indulge yourself with 5 unique exotic Oudh fragrances evoking all of its warmth and energy.
Unisex Fragrance
Gender-neutral Oudh attar fragrances for everyone to wear a new fragrance every day.
Limited Edition Only
We bring you the premium collection (only 500 packs available on first release) of Oudh Attar.
One-day Delivery
Get your bottles of Oudh attar delivered to your doorstep within one day after the order is placed.